verslaving en psychiatrie

Addiction & psychiatry, we are not surprised by it.

Addiction & psychiatric problems

Addiction and mental health problems are often interrelated. People often lead a lonely existence if they are either addicted to drugs or have mental problems, or both. Here at De Regenboog Groep, we accept someone's addiction and offer (former) addicts help from a buddy. A person with mental health problems will get a mate. We help to structure the foundations of their lives.

Matthijs ' experience

"I have been in a psychiatrical hospital a number of times. Usually for a psychosis. When I came out, I had to get used to "normal" life on my own. In a big city such as Amsterdam, you can easily be lonely. That is why I am so pleased about my buddy. When I feel bad, she says: " We'll just have a cup of coffee in your neighborhood." I would never dare to take that step without her. "- Matthijs Bueno de Mesquita participant.


That's how we do it!

Below we describe the ways in which we offer the help mentioned above.

What can you do?

We need your help, become a volunteer! You can help by investing your time and energy, by working with citizens of Amsterdam with unusual stories. Or become a donor! Your money will be well spent on care for homeless people, aid for (former) addicts and people living in poverty or social isolation. You are always welcome to drop by and see how your money is spent. Or why not buy one of the products from our online Gift Shop? A present for someone you know, perhaps. It's all contributing towards a better society. And that's great, isn't it?


Voluntary work in Amsterdam


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